I Tried to Cash in on My Toronto Home and Got Burned


A man’s greed gets the best of him when a developer offers to buy his Toronto home. After the deal falls through, all he can do is score marriage points while simultaneously digging himself deeper into debt.

First Person is an anthology series adapted from the column (formerly “Facts & Arguments”) in the Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail. The column has been published daily for the past twenty-five years and consists of personal essays written by every day Canadians who have something to express. The essays are often poignant, funny, enlightening, and always deeply personal. The shared experiences, unique perspectives, and original voices found in these essays is what makes the “First Person” column one of the most popular and widely read sections of the newspaper.

Joe Matheson, Louise Pitre, Jay T. Schramek
Adapted and Directed by
Joyce Wong
Written by
Steven Gottlieb
Produced by
Tyler Levine, Patrice Theroux
Co-Produced by
Katelyn Cursio, Bruno Lyra, Kevin Prozes
Cinematography by
Maxim Vlassenko
Edited by
Marianna Khoury

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