In the season finale, Lark wakes up to find that she is fired from her burlesque job, lost her website investor, and is quickly running out of cash. How much worse can it get for her and her upstart dance studio… Or is it even happening at all?

ALOUETTE is a five episode web series set in contemporary New Orleans.

The story follows Lark, a well educated, intensely opinionated, young contact improv dancer-by-day/stripper-by-night who finds herself spiraling into alcoholism and pornography after her first mysterious and desperate experience as a prostitute.

Lark has established herself in the city’s burgeoning dance scene and subsidizes her new dance company by stripping. Ever the loudest voice in the room, she uses her words as weapons in the fight to justify her actions and to express her absurdist philosophy peppered with feminist notions.

Directed by
Dylan Pasture and Jules David Bartkowski
Written by
Jules David Bartkowski
Produced by
Jules David Bartkowski
Director of Photography
Jack Lykins
Editting by
Jack Lykins and Hunter Thomson
Casting by
Alexandra Schaefer, Noah Appelbaum, Ellery Burton, Tonino Paone, Frank Mosley, Nik De Dominic, John Joly

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