The Museum of Contraception – Ep #11

Founder Percy Skuy travels to Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio to attend the opening of the new Percy Skuy Collection on the History of Contraception. A look at the history of contraception and the role religions have played in shaping that history.

Directed by
Jason Charters, Henry Less, Nadine Pequeneza, Liam Romalis, Robert Sandler, Sandra Whiteley
Written by
Allen Booth, Jason Charters, Katerina Cizek, Jennifer Cowan, Jeremy Gans, Michelle Latimer, Robert Sandler,
Produced by
Jason Charters, Liam Romalis, Robert Sandler
Director of Photography
Francois Aubry, Christian Bielz, Rob Brunton, Martin Julien, Henry Less, Chris Rust, Kiarash Sadigh
Editting by
Tristen Bakker, Mike Fuller, Kelly Manchester, Lindsay Ragone, Dan Sadler, Petra Valier, Graham Withers
Casting by
Laurie Brown