Jake Nelson is running his Fresno wrestling promotion into the ground, he’s almost out of money and his star wrestler just dropped dead in the ring – but when scrawny Dylan Cole shows up to avenge his father’s death, the Nelson Alliance of Wrestling finds its unlikely Great White Hope. And Fresno may never be the same. From the Producers of ‘Reno 911’ and ‘Hollywood Residential’ comes a wrestling comedy that will kick you in the balls.

Directed by
Andy Bobrow, Adam Paul
Written by
Andy Bobrow, Adam Paul
Produced by
Keith Richmond
Director of Photography
Larry Blumenthal
Editting by
Dan Perrett, Chase Heinrich
Casting by
Adam Paul, Lisa Donovan, Carlos Bernard, Eric Allan Kramer, Danielle Soibelman, Joshua Funk, Mike Mauloff, Nikki Tsugranes, Ray Stakenas, Rick Drasin