Something About Bad Interviews – Episode #9

Ever wonder what happens to a group of women who work together? Richard denies that he holds any sexist views while he and Winston head off to separate Interviews. Pete, meanwhile, tries to give him a proper pep talk before the big moment.

Richard, Winston and Peter are all grown men in their 20s, but this doesn’t mean they’ve actually grown up. Each one has stuck to childhood in their own way, unable to face adulthood and responsibility. CUBED is a new comedy web series about being and nothingness, only without the deep philosophical subtext and dancing the line between Judd Apatow and Edgar Wright.

Directed by
Daniel Rindress-Kay, Jonathan Dubsky
Written by
Daniel Rindress-Kay, Jonathan Dubsky
Produced by
Daniel Rindress-Kay, Jonathan Dubsky
Director of Photography
Jonathan Dubsky
Editting by
Daniel Rindress-Kay, Jonathan Dubsky
Casting by
Daniel Rindress-Kay, Jonathan Dubsky, Matthew Raudsepp, Cara Reynolds, Dawn Ford, Tristan D.Lalla, Heidi Hawkins, Gilles Plouffe, Alex Mccooeye, Patrick Costello, Larry Day, Claudia Ferri, Jonathan Costello Jr.,
Jason Dubsky
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