The Return of Snakor – Episode #209


With The Vicious Mist’s murderous horde about to descend on the cabin, Scarlet rips out her Emotional Regulator Chip and thirsts for blood. Ooze escapes the shackles and sets about making a devastating gadget with Moony, and Ken and Philip’s feud reaches a fever pitch.

Dan Beirne, Mark Little, Kayla Lorette, Kyle Dooley, Laura Cilevitz, Becky Johnson, Vannessa Matsui, Geoff Scovell, Eugene A. Clark
Directed by
Jordan Canning
Writing by
Mark Little & Dan Beirne
Cinematography by
Colin Akoon
Music by
Alex Khaskin, Jay McCarrol & Mark Little
Edited by
Marianna Khoury
Production Company