Epic Studios – Trailer

After a performance lion kills and eats his estranged, rockstar father, Lloyd inherits a failing recording studio in Toronto, Canada. Despite being saddled with an apathetic studio manager, a newly-discovered lunatic of a stepbrother, and a hipster receptionist that is too cool to work, Lloyd is determined to bring Epic Studios back to life.


Lloyd Ahlquist, Kevin McDonald, Adam Rodness, Phillip Jarrett, Chantal Cabrera, Amy Matysio
Created by

Lloyd Ahlquist, Jill M. Goslicky, Aaron Krebs

Executive Produced by

Lloyd Ahlquist, Jill M. Goslicky, Aaron Krebs, Jonas Diamond, Kent Sobey, Catherine Tait

Produced by

Lisa Baylin

Directed by
Rob Stefaniuk
Writing by
Josh Gal, Amanda Brooke Perrin
Director of Photography
Ian Carleton
Music by
Paul O’Brien, Jingle Punks
Edited by
Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux, Alex Mastronardi, Branden Brathuhin, Jordan Crute, Pat Fairbairn, Sam Thompson
Production Company


  • Epic Studios – Trailer