Just for Laughs: Andy Nulman on What Makes JFL Unique

Just for Laughs President and Co-Founder Andy Nulman chats with iThentic about the importance of the festival, the people who attend, and what makes the JFL so unique.

Andy Nulman is a Montreal-based businessman best known for his activities in co-founding and promoting the Just For Laughs comedy festival; under Nulman’s stewardship, the festival grew from a two-day show to a month-long event drawing international audiences. Nulman also sold multi-million dollar corporate sponsorships and created/ Executive Produced over 150 Festival TV shows, in a variety of languages, all over the world. He wrote, produced and hosted the 1997 CBC production of “The Worst of Just For Laughs,” created the controversial, Gemini-award nominated gay sketch comedy show “In Thru The Out Door” for CBC and Showtime in 1998 and won a “Best Variety Series” Gemini Award for “The Best of Just For Laughs” in 1993 (from his Wikipedia article).

Last year iThentic was lucky enough to check out the Just for Laughs Comedy Conference, which gave the crew access to some of the industries most talented and influential players!

The Just For Laughs Comedy Conference is a unique, annual, global gathering of the biggest names in the comedy world that explores all facets of comedy. You can’t get any closer than this to the biggest stars and the biggest players in the comedy industry. Past participants include: Judd Apatow, Todd Phillips, Jay Roach, Paul Feig, Lewis Black, Steven Levitan, Jason Reitman, Ivan Reitman, Edgar Wright, Louis CK, Dan Harmon, Patton Oswalt, Marc Maron, Chelsea Handler, Adam Carolla, just to name a few!

With this incredible access iThentic has produced a series of candid and hilarious behind the scenes conversations with some major industry personalities. The series also allows a unique insider perspective on the pitch process and industry advice often shared behind closed doors. Segments from the series include conversations with Patton Oswalt, Paul F. Tompkins, Shane Dawson, Lloyd (Epic Lloyd) Ahlqhist, Grace Helbig, Andy Kindler, Todd Barry, Burnie Burns, Mark Little, Mike Farah (Funny or Die), Lee Aronsohn (Two & A Half Men), Casey Bloys (HBO), Bill Prady (Big Bang Theory), Sam Reich (College Humor), Kent Alterman (Comedy Central), Jennifer Caserta (IFC), Kevin Beggs (Lionsgate), Ben Relles (YouTube), Andy Nulman (Just for Laughs President) and many more!

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