There are some jobs you can’t avoid taking home. Chloe Cables is a Cam_Girl. Cam_Girlfriend is a new comedy series that explores sex, technology, connectivity, and love through Chloe, a rising cam girl star, and Mike, her live in boyfriend. Chloe struggles to juggle her relationships with Mike and her dedicated fans giving new meaning to the term “work/life balance.”

In the first episode, Mike must uncover the truth after he suspects his boss is one of Chloe’s biggest fans.

Lily Labeau, Dave Keystone, Neil Malone, John Pepper, Rachel Paarsalu-Parent
Directed by
Daniel AM Rosenberg
Written by
Ethan Cole & Michael Goldlist
Concept by
Ethan Cole
Produced by
Michael Goldlist, Jason Kennedy & Daniel AM Rosenberg
Executive Produced by
Ethan Cole, Michael Goldlist, Jason Kennedy, David Lipson & Daniel AM Rosenberg
Cinematography by
Chris Matthews
Edited by
Micah Rix-Hayes

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